Apple A17 Pro Chip Unveiled: Full Details for iPhone 15 Series

Apple has announced its most powerful chip which is the Apple A17 Pro while the company hasn’t introduced any less powerful version of it that will be available in non-pro model of the iPhone 15 series.

What is the A17 Pro chip?

The A17 Pro chip, custom-made by Apple for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, is a big leap in technology. It’s the first chip to use a super-advanced manufacturing process called TSMC’s 3-nanometer, which makes it the fastest chip in the world.

This A17 Pro brings various advancement and new capabilities but not for the current generation’s mobiles as Apple even keep it limited to only some models in the iPhone 15 series. Let’s delve into a deep discussion on Apple’s A17 Pro chip below.

Apple Launched Most Powerful Mobile CPU: A17 Pro Chip

Firstly, this A17 Pro chip will only be available for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max because the company used its dearest strategy which is to use the previous chip in non-pro models so the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 are getting upgraded A16 chip.

A17 Pro Chip
A17 Pro Chip

A17 Pro chip is the world’s first chip that has 3nm (nanometer) 12 silicon segments and 19 billion transistors while last year’s A16 has only 16 billion transistors.

How fast is the A17 bionic chip?

This jump of 3 billion transistors makes it the fastest mobile CPU on the planet Earth but soon we could see SnapDragon come up with close numerals.

Besides, it has a total of 6-core which makes its processing even 10% faster than last year’s A16 chip which is known for its most powerful mobile CPU.

A17 Pro Chip
A17 Pro Chip

With all those advancements in processing units, Apple also brought major advancements to its GPU as they made it 20% faster and more efficient than ever.

A17 Pro Chip GPU
A17 Pro Chip GPU

Specifically, this chip will also gaming performance by 20% and to improve the gaming experience they introduced a Hardware-Accelerated ray Tracing feature.

This feature will make the reflection more sharper and realistic so when it gets on any surface you can see an immersive view for a next-level experience.

Separately, the new chip will also bring some of the innovation into its hyped feature, Dynamic Island which Apple introduced last year.

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