Tiny11 23H2: The Ultimate Optimized Version of Windows 11

If are you struggling to run Windows 11 on a low-end PC because of it’s high system requirements then you are in the right place because we have Tiny11 23H2 is an Optimized Version of Windows 11 by NTDEV.

If you don’t know What Is Tiny11 you must follow this detailed article I covered:

  1. What is Tiny 11
  2. Tiny 11 System Requirements.
  3. Resources usage like RAM, Storage, CPU.
  4. Tiny 11 Is Safe?

Recently NTDEV released the tiny11 23h2 version ISO and he also twitted about it on his Twitter handle

Tiny11 23H2 What’s New?

This new release has been rebuilt using the open-source OSDBuilder PowerShell tool, as well as some NTLite tweaking! This ensures perfect compatibility with most Windows components so that even if they aren’t there by default in a clean install, they can be loaded afterward.

If you have knowledge of how to use these tools you can also create your own optimized Windows 11 iso.

Tiny11 23H2 fixes some nagging issues like the lack of Xbox Identity Provider and also removes some rarely-used components like Tablet PC Math.

Another significant enhancement in Tiny11 23H2 involves the inclusion of Xbox Identity Provider support. This welcome addition enables Tiny11 users to enjoy games downloaded from the Microsoft Store and access Xbox-related services seamlessly.

Tiny11 23H2 Update?

So this Tiny11 ISO is fully serviceable means you will get all Microsoft Windows 11 updates from Windows update in settings.

Important Note About Tiny11

  1. Before proceeding with the tiny11 download, it’s essential to note two important considerations. Firstly, tiny11 comes without activation. The intention behind @NTDEV_’s creation is to offer users a streamlined Windows modification rather than a means to pirate Microsoft’s operating system
  2. Second it is not from official Microsoft so if you care about privacy download it at your own risk looking at his past record there are still no complaints about tiny11 privacy.

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How to Download Tiny11 23H2 ISO?

  1. Click on this Download Tiny11 ISO or use this link.Tiny11 23h2
  2. In the Download option click on ISO Image and it will start downloading.

How to Install Tiny 11 23h2 on PC?

If you want to do a clean install of Tiny 11 then follow this step-by-step video guide.




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