Windows 11 Activation Txt | Key for Free (2024)

Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 11 23h2 update and if you want to install it on a new PC after that, you want to activate Windows 11 for free then the Windows 11/10 Activation txt from GitHub and other official Microsoft methods will help you.

Why You Should Activate Windows 11?

Activation confirms the authenticity of your Windows copy and ensures it hasn’t been employed on multiple devices, thus contributing to the prevention of piracy and safeguarding Microsoft’s interests. you will receive regular updates and security patches to keep your Windows 11 or 10 PC safe from viruses or malware.

What if you don’t Activate Windows 11?

If we don’t activate Windows then a permanent watermark “Activate Windows. Go to Settings to activate Windows” will show. Next, you will not be able to personalize your windows means can’t set new wallpapers and can not customize themes. there will not be any security update in your system so it will be vulnerable to viruses and open doors for hackers to inject malware into your PC.

How to Activate Windows 11/10 for FREE?

In this method, I will show you the legal method to activate Windows 11 for free using Microsft’s official method yes it’s true Microsoft has their Key Management Services (KMS) client activation and product keys which will activate your Windows for free of cost.

Follow all the very simple steps to activate windows:

  1. Go to Windows Search and Run CMD as cmd as administrator
  2. Type this first command “slmgr /ipk your product key” like I want to activate Windows 11 pro so “slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX” hit enter.activate windows 11 for free
  3. Copy and paste this second command in your cmd “slmgr /skms” and hit ENTER 11 activation
  4. The third command is “slmgr /ato” and hit enter it will show a popup after pressing the enter key so click on ok to close kms activation

Now we have successfully activated Windows 11 Pro for free.

Here are other Windows 10 or 11 Product keys according to Windows edition so which one is yours use that product key for activation.

Windows 10/11 Professional Key 8N67H-M3CY9-QT7C4-2TR7M-TXYCV
Windows 10/11 Home Key TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99
Windows 10/11 Enterprise Key NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43
Windows 10/11 Education Key NW6C2-QMPVW-D7KKK-3GKT6-VCFB2
Windows 10/11 Pro 2021 W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
Windows 10/11 Home N Key 3KHY7-WNT83-DGQKR-F7HPR-844BM
Windows 10/11 Professional N Key MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
Windows 10/11 Enterprise N Key WGGHN-J84D6-QYCPR-T7PJ7-X766F
Windows 10/11 Education N Key 2WH4N-8QGBV-H22JP-CT43Q-MDWWJ
Optional Key (if others didn’t work) 8DVY4-NV2MW-3CGTG-XCBDB-2PQFM

NOTE: Make sure you have internet while following the above steps for Windows activation.

Activate Windows 11/10 using Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS)

Using this method you can activate Windows and MS Office using HWID, Ohook, KMS38, and Online KMS, with a focus on open-source code and fewer antivirus detections.

  1. On Windows 8.1/10/11, right-click on the start menu and select PowerShell or Terminal (Not CMD).
  2. Copy-paste the “irm | iex” code and press enter.Microsoft Activation Scripts
  3. You will see the activation options select the third option KMS38 by pressing 3 on the keyboard.Microsoft Activation Scripts
  4. Press 1 it will select KMS38 Activation.
  5. Now you have successfully activated Windows for free.activated windows 11 pro

You can also activate MS Office using the same method.

Windows 11 Activation Txt

You can activate Windows 11 using a batch file for free but Microsoft does not recommend doing that so Windows security will not allow you to run this file I will show you how to do that and activate Windows.

  1. Tun of Windows security or Windows Defender.
  2. Go to Windows 11 Activation Txt copy the whole text and paste it into your Notepad.

    Windows 11 Activation txt
    Windows 11 Activation txt
  3. Now go to file in notepad and Save As Windows 11 Activation txt.bat and select Save As Type All Files and hit Save.
  4. On the desktop .bat file created run that file as 11 activation txt.bat
  5. The cmd popup will open and Windows will automatically activate.

Note: Follow the first method if not working then follow this and the first one is an official and good method.

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