Windows 11 Live USB — Tiny 11 or Live 11 (2024)

Introducing Live11: The First Windows 11 Live DVD!

Live11 is a Tiny11 image optimized for a 4GB VHD that runs entirely on RAM. This makes it possible to fit on a DVD, making it the first Windows 11 live DVD. It was developed by NTDEV. NTDEV

Live11 System Requirements?

  1. It only boots on legacy MBR/BIOS devices. This is to be fixed in a later release.
  2. It requires only 4GB of storage.
  3.  It requires 8GBs of RAM. Although the image only uses 4GB of RAM, it needs twice that to load.

How to Download & Install Live 11?

Live 11 is a pre-installed ISO you just need to create a bootable USB to boot into your system and run directly from a USB drive or you can burn this live11 ISO on any DVD.

Download LIVE11 from here and use it to make a bootable USB or burn it on DVD.

You can also use any Virtual machine but Virtualbox VMs don’t work, because it reboots after the “installing devices” phase. And because this is a non-persistent image, all the progress is lost, and as such, it’s on a boot loop. VMware and Hyper-V, however, do work.

Run Windows 11 Live from a USB

  1. After downloading this Live 11 ISO create a bootable USB.
  2. Just go to Rufus website and download and click on select.
  3. Select the Live11 ISO you downloaded.
  4. Click on Start to make a bootable USB of Live 11
  5. Insert the USB drive into any PC or Laptop and press the BISO key.
  6. As I already mentioned in the liv11 requirements it supports Legacy BIOS so change it to Legacy from UEFI after that you can change it back.
  7. After saving it will restart the system now press the boot key to boot from the USB drive.
  8. Now all things will be done automatically and you will land on the setup windows page as shown in the image below to set up it.
  9. Now finally you running Windows 11 Live from a USB pen drive and it’s totally running on RAM so all things will be lost after restart.

What is the USE of Live11?

Live11 works like any other Windows live DVD/USB. You can burn the ISO to a USB or optical drive and boot the OS without installing it on your HDD or SSD.

This means that you get a fully working Windows 11 suitable for troubleshooting, data recovery, virus removal, or other tasks. However, since Live11 is a non-persistent image, all progress is lost after a restart.

Here is the full detailed video on Live11

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