Copy Video Frame: Capture High-Quality Video Frames in Chrome!

Google has introduced a new feature in Chrome that makes it easier to capture high-quality still images from videos. This feature is designed to work in various web browsers. When you pause a video and right-click on it, you can now select “Copy Video Frame” to grab a clear, non-overlayed frame from the video source.

Although this feature may not function with all videos, it primarily works with YouTube videos. The good news is that it is compatible with a range of Chromium-based browsers, not just Chrome itself.

Google is promoting this tool as a valuable resource for students, particularly for taking notes during lecture videos. After experimenting with this feature, it’s evident that it provides much better screenshot quality compared to traditional methods like taking a screen capture or using the Enhancer for YouTube “screenshot” button.

Copy Video Frame
Copy Video Frame from YouTube video

Copy Video Frame Feature

Here are some key points to note about this new feature:

  1. It works seamlessly with YouTube videos and Google Photos videos that utilize the YouTube player. However, to access the browser’s right-click menu instead of the YouTube menu, you need to right-click twice.
  2. Frames copied from YouTube videos maintain the video’s streaming resolution, not the resolution displayed on the screen. For instance, if a YouTube video is streaming in 4K but playing in a window with a resolution of roughly 2560 x 1440, the copied frame will be at that resolution, with controls and captions intact and improved color quality.
  3. In initial testing, it worked well in the latest versions of Arc and Microsoft Edge, both of which are Chromium-based browsers. While it wasn’t tested in every Chromium-based browser, it’s likely to function well in others if they are up to date.
  4. Keep in mind that this feature allows you to copy the frame, not save it directly. It’s ideal for pasting screenshots into notes, as Google explicitly mentions in its blog post. Saving the images does require an additional step.

    Copy Video Frame
    Copy Video Frame from Reddit Post
  5. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, JW Player, or any site that suppresses the browser’s right-click menu. Aside from YouTube, it may not work on many other platforms, as extensive testing hasn’t been conducted.

If you come across any other websites or video players where this feature works, please share your findings in the comments.

If you want to watch how to use the New Google Chrome Feature ‘Copy Video Frame’ here is my tweet.

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