Windows 11 New Modern File Explorer is here

Every day Microsoft puts so much effort to make Windows 11 more useful and beautiful and now they are bringing a Redesigned File Explorer soon for everyone.

What’s new in Windows 11 New File Explorer?

Microsoft planning to release a major update for its New File Explorer which will get redesigned header with a modern file directory box, a modern search box, and a new “home” button.

The existing header buttons, such as “new,” “copy,” and “paste,” will be moved into the file/folder view just below the header.

The home page is also updated with more integration with Microsoft 365. Along the top will be a feed of “recommended” files, which will be presented with larger thumbnails that will make it easier to choose a file.

It looks like Microsoft copied the google drive home page user interface concept but anyway it looks awesome and useful.

Recently Microsoft rolled out a new details & gallery page in file explorer which looks cool see the below screenshot.

In the left side panel, you will see a new rounded highlight on the selection of the Home page with a blue indicator and more improvements coming in the future!

The integration with Microsoft 365 means users can see email threads and recent comments about files shared via the cloud across multiple colleagues or attached via email.

This info will be visible at a glance on files that are being shared or via the details pane.

and many of the updates to File Explorer will also help in making it more friendly for touch users.

If Microsoft can deliver its plans, these changes will result in the most significant update to File Explorer since Windows 8, which shipped over 10 years ago.

Microsoft’s goal is to have the new File Explorer remain familiar to users while still updating all its surfaces with a fresh, consistent design and modern code.

When Modern File Explorer will be available for Everyone?

From inside news Microsoft is aiming to get most of this new File Explorer experience out to users before the end of 2023, meaning it will likely show up in an upcoming Moment update over the summer or as part of the 23H2 release this fall.



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