Windows 11 Paint App Dark Mode and Zoom Improvements

Finally, Microsoft released the Paint app Dark Mode this took Microsoft quite a long but now it is here.

But Microsoft currently rolling out an update to the Paint app for Windows 11 to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels (version 11.2304.17.0)

With this Update, you will get dark mode in the paint app and improved zoom controls which make it more useful and look good.

Dark Mode: By default, it adopts an already set system theme but you can customize it from settings gear icon like light or dark or system settings.

the dark mode also gives you a clear and brighter view of elements in the paint app and also saves battery life and is good for your eyes!

Zoom Controls: We are rolling out new zoom controls that give you more flexibility and control over the view of your content on the canvas.

You can now zoom in and out with finer granularity increments, or set a custom zoom value for even greater precision.

We are also introducing a new fit-to-screen option to quickly optimize zoom to match your window size.

These new zoom controls make it easier to view your content in detail, regardless of the size of your screen or the resolution of your device.

They also make it easier to collaborate with others on your content, as you can all see the same view of the canvas.

Improved Accessibility and Usability in Paint: Microsoft has updated the “Image Properties” dialogs in Paint to match the style of the new Windows 11 design and improve accessibility and usability.

The new dialogs are now styled to match the rest of Windows 11, with rounded corners and a more modern look.

They also have improved accessibility features, such as larger fonts and labels, and keyboard navigation support.

In addition, Microsoft has added support for access keys and keyboard shortcuts throughout the app. This makes it easier for users with disabilities to interact with the app.

These changes improve the usability and accessibility of the Paint app, making it easier for everyone to use.

If You Want to Download New Paint App Follow the Video




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