How to turn on any laptop without pressing power button?

You may be also looking for the answer Can we turn on any laptop without pressing the power button? the simple answer is YES we can

but not all laptops because every laptop doesn’t have that feature.

Now you know we can turn on laptops without touching the power button but how?

Maybe your laptop’s power button started having issues or you may want to open the laptop by just switching on the electricity board

or perhaps you are very curious to test out how to do it.

How to turn on the laptop without a power button?

Most laptop manufacturers have some settings in bios to turn on a laptop in different ways inside Power Management settings

like AC Behaviour, Auto on time, USB Wake Support, and Wake on LAN these options can be changed or different on the bases of laptop brands.

AC Behavior: This option will turn on the laptop by just connecting the power cable to your laptop.

Auto on time: In this option, you will get separate times for each day so after setting the time it will turn on the laptop at that particular scheduled time

But I tried it it did not work for my Dell Laptop.

USB Wake Support: This option allows you to enable USB devices to wake the system from standby.

Wake on LAN: This option allows the computer to power up from the off state when triggered by a special LAN signal.

Wake-up from the standby state is unaffected by the setting and must be enabled in the operating system.

This feature only works when the laptop is connected to AC.

Step-by-Step to Turn on the laptop without a power button

STEP 1: Turn on your laptop and press the BIOS key of your computer as shown in the image below. (I have dell so I will press F2 Key to boot into bios)


STEP 2: After booting into the bios settings page somewhere you will Power Management Setting navigate to that setting

inside that we have multiple options to power on a laptop without pressing the power button, so we need to choose the AC Behavior option.

STEP 3: Inside the AC Behavior setting on the right side you will see the Wake on AC option with a checkbox just check that box and click on Apply and that’s it.

After applying system will restart now after restart you have to shut down your laptop and remove the power cable.

STEP 4: Now connect your power cable inside your laptop and turn on the power supply from the electricity board

and see the magic your laptop will open without pressing the laptop power button.

If you want to watch a video on this process so check it out here!

Cheers & Enjoy!



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