Windows 11 Paint App Dark Mode Now Available for All!

Discover the long-awaited Windows 11 Paint app dark mode, now available beyond Microsoft’s testing program. Immerse yourself in Paint’s darker side without enrolling in the Windows Insider Program.

After more than a year of development, Microsoft has introduced the highly anticipated dark mode for the Paint app. In January 2023, we even uncovered a hidden glimpse of this mode.

While Microsoft hasn’t openly discussed the reasons behind the delay, the good news is that they have finally treated their iconic canvas app to a visual revamp for Windows 11, complete with exciting new features.

In an official statement, Microsoft has expressed its eagerness to gather user feedback to enhance the Paint app experience. You can conveniently share your insights through the Microsoft Store.

If the update isn’t immediately visible due to its gradual rollout, you still have the option to manually install the dark mode version of Paint.

How to Download and Install Windows 11 Paint App

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Click on “Library,” and then select “Get updates.”
  3. If the update isn’t accessible, you can manually download Paint version 11.2304.17.0 from our cloud storage.
  4. Right-click the .msixbundle file (ensuring the file extension is .msixbundle) and proceed to install the app.
  5. When prompted, click on the update or install button.

Upon launching Paint after the update, you’ll be greeted by the stylish dark mode, regardless of the Windows 11 version you’re using.

windows 11 paint app
Windows 11 Paint app dark mode

While Paint will naturally align with your system’s theme, you can customize it by accessing Paint’s new settings page.

Currently, this page offers options to toggle between light, dark, or a “respect system” theme preference.

But that’s not all—Microsoft is taking it a step further by introducing new zoom controls for Paint.

This elevates the editing experience, offering you enhanced control over content viewing within the app.

While classic presets remain available, the new zoom-in and out features promise increased precision. You can even set a personalized zoom value to suit your preferences.

Adding to the enhancements, there’s a convenient “fit to screen” option that optimizes the canvas to fit your screen or window size perfectly.

Moreover, Microsoft is rolling out a fresh design and dark mode compatibility for the “Image Properties” 11 paint app properties

These updated dialogs seamlessly integrate with the latest Windows 11 design, providing a modern touch while maintaining familiarity.

The app boasts modern controls and touch-friendly buttons, aligning with Microsoft’s commitment to improved accessibility and user-friendliness.

Notably, keyboard shortcut support has been enhanced, making the access key more efficient.

As previously mentioned, Microsoft’s revamped Paint app is now reaching all users in the production channel.

While it’s set to become widely available in the next few days, you always have the option to manually install the app from the msixbundle.

Enjoy an enhanced and user-friendly Paint experience on Windows 11!



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