Make Windows 11/10 Look Like Windows 7 in One Click!

If you are a true fan of Windows 7 and due to the end of support you are missing Windows 7, I will show you how to make Windows 11 look like Windows 7 in one simple click with a working Aero glass theme.

We can achieve this using the third-party script called Revert8Plus identified by BetaNews. This script will make your Windows 11/10/8 into Windows 7 with the exact look and feel without changing existing Windows functionality.

What is Revert8Plus?

Revert8Plus is a simple GitHub third-party script that will bring Windows 7 and Vista look and feel to your Windows 10,11,8 PC and laptop.

What you will get after running the Revert8Plus script:

  • Implement the iconic Aero Glass theme for a nostalgic and visually captivating desktop experience.
  • Reintroduce the timeless classic start menu and taskbar for enhanced user familiarity and efficiency.
  • Incorporate the well-recognized Win7 style for essential icons like clock, volume, battery, and network, fostering a sense of user comfort and consistency.
  • You will get the option to Install Media Center, Windows 7 Games, and Gadgets.

Internally this script uses lots of third-party apps for customization like ExplorerPatcher, StarAllBack, Windhawk, etc.

Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 7

  1. Press Win+R to Open the Run dialog.Revert8Plus
  2. Copy and Paste the Below command and click OK.
    powershell irm|iex
  3. One Permission Dialog will pop up just click on YES.
  4. Revert8Plus dialog will open you can check all the checkboxes to get all things like games, and gadgets.make windows 11 look like windows 7
  5. Now All the process is automated you don’t need to do anything.make windows 11 look like windows 7
  6. Now you have successfully transformed Windows 11 into Windows 7 in one click.make windows 11 look like windows 7
  7. If you want to Uninstall this and go back to Windows 11 just run the same command in the run dialog that’s it.

This is how we make Windows 8/10/11 like Windows 7 easily because the developer did a great job.



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