How to Remove YouTube Shorts from Feeds?

Do you feel like YouTube Shorts are swallowing up your valuable time? You’re not alone! If you’re ready to reclaim your feed and say goodbye to Shorts, keep reading. This post will guide you through the steps to remove them completely.

While YT Shorts offer a cool way to learn in bite-sized videos, their engaging nature can easily lead to us spending hours glued to them before realizing the lost time.

Fortunately, there are ways to easily block YouTube Shorts from your feed, minimizing distractions and helping you regain control of your time. By doing so, you can ensure you’re spending your time more consciously and intentionally.

How to Remove YouTube Shorts?

  1. Visit uBlock Origin chrome extension and add to chrome.uBlock Origin
  2. Click on the extension icon from the top right in Chrome then click on the pin icon to pin it on the Chrome bar.
  3. Now you will see the uBlock Origin extension icon click on it after that click on the uBlock settings icon.
  4. Now go into the “My Filters” shorts
  5. Now copy the below code.
    ! Title: Hide YouTube Shorts
    ! Description: Hide all traces of YouTube shorts videos on YouTube
    ! Version: 1.8.0
    ! Last modified: 2024-01-08 20:02
    ! Expires: 2 weeks (update frequency)
    ! Homepage:
    ! License:
    ! Hide all videos containing the phrase "#shorts"
    ! Hide all videos with the shorts indicator on the thumbnail[overlay-style="SHORTS"])[overlay-style="SHORTS"])[overlay-style="SHORTS"])[page-subtype="subscriptions"]:has(ytd-video-renderer:has([overlay-style="SHORTS"]))
    ! Hide shorts button in sidebar
    ! Hide shorts section on homepage
    ! Hide shorts tab on channel pages
    ! Old style
    ! New style (2023-10)^Shorts$/)
    ! Hide shorts in video descriptions"Shorts remixing this video")
    ! Remove empty spaces in grid,#contents.ytd-rich-grid-row:style(display: contents !important)
    !!! MOBILE !!!
    ! Hide all videos in home feed containing the phrase "#shorts"
    ! Hide all videos in subscription feed containing the phrase "#shorts"
    ! Hide shorts button in the bottom navigation bar
    ! Hide all videos with the shorts indicator on the thumbnail[data-style="SHORTS"])
    ! Hide shorts sections
    ! Hide shorts tab on channel pages>a:has-text(Shorts)
  6. And Paste the complete code into “My Filters” and hit “Apply Changes“.remove youtube shorts
  7. Now go to and refresh your page all yt Shorts are removed from your shorts
  8. If you want to get it back just go to Chrome extensions and turn off uBlock Origin and you are shorts

I hope this article will help you a lot if you are looking to remove shorts from your YouTube so share it with others also.

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