Windows 11 Introduces Game-Changing Desktop Widgets Pinning!

It’s been more than one year since Microsoft launched Windows 11 and developers keep improving Windows 11 to attract Windows 10 users to use it and it is working people are coming to Windows 11 after Microsoft announced that Windows 10 22h2 is the last version of Windows 10.

Now we have the news that Microsoft is about to introduce widgets pinning on desktops, according to Windows Central. so you will be able to add any widget like you were doing in Windows 7 called desktop gadgets.

Windows 11 Embraces Third-Party Developers with Widget Panel Access, Featuring Facebook and Spotify Widget Experiences, Plus New Additions for 2022!

The widget library has been slowly growing, with over 13 widgets already available for users to try out. Microsoft has also been expanding the capabilities of the Widgets Panel with a widget picker in the dev channel update and a full-screen widget to use easily.

The ability to pin widgets to the desktop is part of a larger vision to improve the experience alongside other upcoming features, such as the ability to group apps into folders on the desktop. It’s unclear when this feature will become available.




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