Windows 11 Notepad Tabs are Coming

Microsoft rollout Windows 11 version 22H2, around the world, and it comes with some interesting features and improvements like “Tabs in File Explorer” and “Screen Recording” in Snipping Tool users are very happy with this feature, are you? because it makes you more productive.

But recently Microsoft employee accidentally tweeted with a screenshot “Tabs are coming to Windows 11 Notepad” with joyful emojis but he realizes he did something wrong and deleted the tweet after some time before Windows Central and some tech enthusiasts noticed.

The Notepad screenshot includes a Microsoft internal warning: “Confidential Don’t discuss features or take screenshots” which shows it is still under internal testing mode and strongly recommended don’t leak inside news

but looking at this message looks like he did it deliberately 😂

But this Tabbed Notepad screenshot confirms Microsoft finally coming with this awesome feature this will be helpful to all users and you don’t need to open multiple instances of notepad separately after tabs you can open multiple tabs in Tabbed Notepad like chrome and edge browser.

The Notepad tabs feature first come to Windows Insiders in early 2023.

tabs in windows 10 file Explorer
tabs in windows 10 apps

Originally Microsoft tested “Tabs with Windows 10 Apps” 4 years ago feature called “Sets“. This included support for tabs in Notepad and File Explorer, but unfortunately, Microsoft canceled the project and never shipped it to Windows 10 users.

After Tabs in Windows 11 File Explorer looks like Microsoft shifting towards tabs in all required built-in native apps and this will be great what do you think?



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